The Best Hot Wax and Strip Wax Services in Bethnal Green

Ever noticed that some therapists make it feel like the hairs are literally being ripped out at the root, while others have a knack of pulling the hairs out gently? 

Or found that the silky smooth and hair free results don't last quite as long as you'd like them to?

Or wished your therapist could find the answer to ingrown hairs?

Waxing and especially intimate waxing is one of salon owner Élise's specialisms. She is often complimented that her waxing services are pain-free and long lasting. It’s why guests travel all across London and come back time and time again.

And she's amazing at making sure you avoid the dreaded ingrowing hairs. Quite the waxing wizard...

Expect your waxing treatment to be delivered in a discreet, caring and professional manner with the highest level of professional hygiene.

We work with Lycon hot wax for precision in small areas and for intimate waxing, and use Lycon strip wax for speedy and painless removal from larger areas.

Choose your perfect waxing

Hot Wax (Ladies)

Nose (5 mins)£5
Ears (5 mins)£5
Underarms (10 mins)£16
Basic Bikini (15 mins)£23
High Bikini (20 mins)£27
Brazilian (25mins)£40
Hollywood (30 mins)£45
Brazilian/Hollywood First Visit offer£30

Hot Wax (Gents)

Nose/Ears (5 mins)£5
Underarm (10 mins)£16
Between Buttocks (10 mins)£20
Scrotum (10 mins)£28
Buttock & Between Buttocks (20 mins)£35
Scrotum & Between Buttocks (20 mins)£46
Brazilian (50 mins)£59
Hollywood (1 hour)£60

Strip wax (All guests)

Full Naval Line (5 mins)£4
Ears (5 mins)£4
Chin & neck (5 mins)£7
Bum cheeks (5 mins)£6
Forehead hairline (5 mins)£6
Inner thigh (10 mins)£10
Sides of the face (10mins)£10
Ladies lower back (10 mins)£10
Ladies half arm (10mins)£13
Ladies full arm (15 mins)£17
Ladies stomach (15 mins)£20
Gents half arm (15 mins)£15
Gents full arm (15 mins)£19
Gents stomach (20 mins)£22
Gents full back (25 mins)£25
Bikini line (10 mins)£10
½ leg (10 mins)£15
¾ leg (20 mins)£25
Upper leg (15 mins)£19
Full leg (30 mins)£29
Shoulder (10 mins)£10
Chest (10 mins)£15
Full back (20mins)£25

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you book your appointment in advance as we do get busy. However, due to the short duration of many waxing services we can often fit you in at short notice or as a walk-in.